House rewires and rewiring Birmingham

Clifford Electrical Services offer a comprehensive house rewiring service, covering all types of properties including houses, flats and bungalows. An electrical rewire involves replacing part or all of the existing wiring within a property. Most commonly house rewiring and rewires are necessary in older properties or buildings undergoing renovations or modernisation.

House Rewire Birmingham

A house rewire is also an opportunity to replace dated and faulty sockets and light fittings. If necessary we can help with the replacement of fuse boards.

We can help with:

  • Full House Rewire and Rewiring
  • Part House Rewiring
  • Electrical Testing and Inspection
  • Replacement Wiring
  • Replace Faulty Sockets
  • Update Light Fittings and Sockets
  • Fuse Board Replacement

Do I need a house rewire?

It’s usually older properties, over 25 years old that could require a rewire. Common symtons for a house rewire include constantly tripping RCDs and electrics, flickering lights and blown fuses. Replacing old rubber insulated wiring which hasn’t been used since the 1960s. We usually recommend a full electrical test and inspection to ensure a full or part rewire is necessary. It could be simply a faulty electrical socket, light fitting or outdated fuse board causing the problem.

If you require a house rewire or are experiencing some of these symptions and would like a professional opinion on the condition of your house electrics please get in touch. Clifford Electrical Services are based in Kings Norton and cover the whole of the South Birmingham area.Before getting a house rewire we recommend you get a PIR (Periodic Inspection Report) this should identify any problems with your house or property’s wiring. We can help with providing this report and determine whether you need a full house rewire. Often installing a new fuse board and updating electric sockets and fittings will resolve a lot of common electrical problems.
House Electrics Birmingham